Pretty Hate Productions are an independent film production company specialising in low budget short and feature films.  Matthew R. Ford, director of PHP is a professional writer with a Masters in Creative Writing from Birmingham City University and has written & directed various films which he has developed from original ideas.   Pretty Hate Productions aim to create thought-provoking, socially conscious and character driven film with drama at its centre.

Past productions have been screened at the LA Indie Film Festival, the Southern California Creative and Innovative Film Festival, The MVSA festival. Cineworld Birmingham, Cineworld Luton and VUE cinemas Birmingham.

'Climbing Trees' is the latest short film to be in the latter stages of pre-production by Pretty Hate Productions.  Written & to be Directed by Matthew R. Ford, and with long-time collaborator Daniel Alexander attached as Director of Photography, the film follows the story of a tormented father, who 12 years after the shocking murder of a little girl, is struggling to come to terms with the release of the killer and his own feelings of guilt and responsibility.

Locations are currently being confimred and a casting call will be put out in late January/early Februarywith a view to beginning filming in late April/early May 2018.

'Dark Nights' is an original concept based on characters from the DC universe, which has taken a change in direction in order to keep the project alive.  Originally written as a 30 minute "pilot" for an intended web-series exploring the (mis)fortunes of Gotham City a decade after Batman has left, the project will now be fimed a series of shorter trailes with accompanying marketing to try and drum up interest and finance for future development.

The scripts are currently being re-written and more details will follow soon.

As well as original and independent film, Pretty Hate Productions also work alongside ViewfinderUK CIC in using creative mediums such as Film, Theatre, Creative Writing and Drama to develop young people, may of whom are disadvantaged in various ways within the inner-city of Birmingha.

Last year, Pretty Hate Productions assisted and contributed to 5 Viewfinder projects and have already committed to a further 4 for the coming months of 2018.  You can find out more about Viewfinder's work in the community by clicking above.

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Matthew R. Ford has begun a blog.  This blog will detail thoughts and musings about creativity, screenwriting, film-making and al of the self-doubt that goes hand-in-hand with the creative process.

You can read and subscribe to the blog by CLICKING HERE.  

Matt said:  "By starting this blog, I am hoping to stimulate my writing further.  I am not arrogant enough to presume that people will read it, or even take anythign from it- obviously part of me hopes that they will, but the main point of it is to write.  Whenever I am feeling uninspired, or if I feel that I have hit a wall in terms of creativity and/or ideas, then hopefully having a output where there is very little filter on what I can write about will help."

We are looking for cast & crew  for this production.